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Matthew R. Fleming
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: On the Road to Nowhere
Favourite genre of music: Rock and most of its subgenres
Favourite photographer: Victoria Fiske
Favourite style of art: Romanticism
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
MP3 player of choice: Winamp 5.52
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: "To live and not to breathe is to die in tradgedy"


Cartoon Coon Crossover Co-Op by cheddarpaladin
Cartoon Coon Crossover Co-Op
For :icondigidino: on his birthday.

Famous toon raccoons. Blowin' stuff up. Gettin' away scott free.

Sly Cooper probably needed a bit of Rocket's operator skills for this heist at [generic canyon base]. Looks like Rocket got a little carried away with the explosive diversionary tactic to cover their getaway.

Stalked by the Dead by cheddarpaladin
Stalked by the Dead
Happy Halloween!

This is for :iconallurealycia: for her birthday.
I was inspired by 80s horror movies, their posters in particular. They used to be so cool. Now, every movie poster is the actor's big face and four words slapped in front of it. So lame. There used to be artwork to them. And wonder. And rad colors. And like, a cheesy tagline somewhere.

I wanted to do something like that. Some cool, action horror movie with a goth chick protag, runnin' for her life, blowin' the heads off mutant zombies with an arsenal of cowboy guns. Lots of one liners. Up to your ears in synth music.
Yeah, man. I'd watch that.
I'd play the crap out of the NES adaptation.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by cheddarpaladin
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
In honor of the Metal Gear series coming to a close, I've painted something for each canon game in the saga.

Once called Metal Gear Solid 5, Peace Walker was released on the Sony Playstation Portable in 2010. In spite being an unnumbered portable game, this entry to the series is just as important to the canon as any of the console games. The same can't be said for other portable Metal Gear games like Ac!d and the semi-canon Portable Ops. Like Portable Ops, though, the gameplay revolves around recruiting soldiers to fill out the ranks of your Motherbase in levels that are broken up by episodes and operations, giving the on-the-go player moments to break (a common gameplay design for portable games). The Motherbase mechanic defines how you progress as each soldier brings more GMP currency, which is spent on tech that you then take into the field. Otherwise the gameplay is very similar to MGS4, with tight shooting and many options for items, weapons, and camo. It will feel very different at first, having a loadout, levels, and a staff to manage, as opposed to having everything available to you for the whole game as you collect it solo. But the system grows on you, and you begin to get attached to your soldiers as you train them up and send them into battle like so many gun-toting Pokemon. It's a system that's back for the Phantom Pain.

In 1974, the man sometimes known as Big Boss, disillusioned with his homeland, has been roaming the world from conflict to conflict, gathering a force of nomad soldiers like himself in a mercenary army he dubbed Militaires Sans Frontieres - Soldiers Without Borders. A fighting force for whoever pays them, they are called upon by a Costa Rican professor, Ramon Galvez to fight against the CIA. Initially against the idea of fighting against his homeland, Big Boss refuses, but with Galvez is a student of his, Paz Ortega, and with her is a recording. On the recent recording, Big Boss can hear the faint sound of what appears to be his late mentor, the Boss, dead by his own hand ten years ago. Big Boss then accepts the mission, and upon investigation discovers that the CIA is smuggling nukes into Costa Rica, aided by bizarre robot technology. Why is the CIA bringing nuclear weapons to Costa Rica? What are those robots? And is the Boss still alive?

The plot is heavy with themes benefiting from a Cold War setting, touching on deterrence theory, espionage, betrayal, and peace. It gives us the in universe origins of AI, Metal Gear, and PMCs, most notably Outer Heaven. It also talks about the conflict in Nicaragua with the Sandinistas in the 70s, a topic not often touched upon. It really shines a gray light on everything, making the player decide what they think about all of the topics presented. Big Boss may be the protagonist, and a likable one, but he leads a mercenary army of often kidnapped soldiers at least one of them a child. By the end, you may find that he's doing the right thing, but maybe not the right way, and this is the character controlled by the player. Food for thought.

From left to right:

Cecile Cosima Caminandes is an ornithologist captured by the CIA as she was recording quetzal sounds on the cassette that has the voice of the Boss on it. She's rescued by Snake and taken back to Motherbase. She's a very talented Parisian chef and very cultured, a rarity amongst the other MSF.

Dr. Huey Emmerich is a roboticist and programmer working for the CIA before his creations are used in the Peace Walker project. He's a paraplegic who used his robotics mastery to develop a powered wheelchair that can climb stairs.

Chico Libre is a young Sandinista and a talented scout. He hates being treated like a child and loves to hunt for UMAs, cryptids. He's currently hunting one called el basalisco.

Amanda Valenciano Libre is the current comandante of her group of Sandanistas. She's newly appointed the position after her father, the previous comandante was killed. Her guerrillas treat her like one of their own, but don't look up to her as a leader, and she takes every opportunity she can to change that.

Kazuhira Miller is Snake's right hand man and business partner in MSF. He's the driving force of the company, taking all costs to progress the business. He's Snake's main contact when in the field.

Big Boss, preferred to be called Snake, the legendary hero of Operation Snake Eater, and the commander of the MSF. His mission is to track down these CIA nukes and prevent a catastrophe all while building up a massive mercenary fighting force.

Paz Ortega is a student at the University of Peace. She knows everything about Central America and is Snake's contact about all matters Costa Rican flora and fauna. She delivered the cassette with the recording of the Boss to Snake and asked him for his help. Her name means "peace".

Ramon Galvez is a professor in the University of Peace. He's also an agent of the KGB, and the man hiring the MSF to handle the CIA problem in Central America. This means that Snake is technically working for the USSR against the USA, but it's for reasons of global peace. Galvez's right arm was removed and replaced by a handy robotic one capable of many tricks.

Hot Coldman is the man in charge of the CIA's Peace Walker project. His goal is to prove deterrence theory will work and to do that, he's devised the creation of a terrible machine.

Dr. Strangelove is the nickname of the genius programmer and artificial intelligence specialist assigned to the Peace Walker project. She hates Snake for assassinating the Boss, the woman she loved, and she's intent on dispelling the rumor that she betrayed her country.


Previous games:

Metal Gear -
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake -
Metal Gear Solid -
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty -
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater -
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots -

When I've completed the Phantom Pain, I intend to do one more for MGSV.
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by cheddarpaladin
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
In honor of the Metal Gear series coming to a close, I've painted something for each canon game in the saga.

If there is a black sheep of the series, it's probably 2008's Metal Gear Solid 4. One of the first big games to come out for the Sony Playstation 3, once called the only reason to buy a PS3 over just a bluray player. Critically received, and visually impressive, among fans it's actually quite polarizing. It's very much a tribute to the series as a whole, impossible to appreciate if you haven't played the other games in the series. The gameplay takes its first move toward becoming a third-person shooter, finally streamlining the aiming mechanic, feeling smoother than ever. Snake has access to like a billion guns now, most with customization features, and more ways to pass through undetected than ever before, in a world more open than ever before. The glaring flaw is that the cutscenes drag on longer than ever. They're the most gorgeous and well directed cutscenes in the series at that time, but they extend to feature length at times. It doesn't help that the plot is confusing to even big fans of the series and sometimes comes off as almost a parody of itself. That said, it has some of the most moving scenes of the series and has a knack for giving the fans just what they want... mostly. One can see why it's considered polarizing.

In 2014, war has changed. All across the globe, the movement from conflicts between nations and ideologies has shifted to conflicts between corporately owned paramilitary companies, hired to fight often for fighting's sake. Big Boss's dream of a world of constant conflict has become a reality. The man in charge of the largest Private Military Company, Outer Heaven, is Liquid Ocelot, a man Solid Snake has chased around the globe for years, but always went into hiding. Roy Campbell, now a consultant for the UN has found Liquid in the Middle East and, without consulting his superiors, he goes directly to Solid Snake himself with a hit contract. But Snake isn't the same anymore. Like war, he has changed, a reflection of a time past, he's showing symptoms of accelerated aging with nothing but theories as to why. Even with the body of a 70 year old man, he once again accepts the call to finally bring justice to Liquid, but what use to the world is an Old Snake?

Playing this game without playing any of the others is kind of like watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, without having played Final Fantasy VII beforehand. You can enjoy it for the gameplay which is great and diverse and offers loads of replay value, but it'll be a miracle if you have any clue what's going on, and why these characters are important, and what this reference means, etc. At times it's like the characters themselves are watching a clipshow of the previous games and making injokes about it, which is fantastic for hardcore fans, but very ostracizing to newcomers. You should be playing these games in release order anyway, but the secret club feeling does persist from beginning to end. It does have the best final boss fight in the series that really makes the game feel like the final curtain on a grand opera.
Then they made two more...

From left to right:

Mei Ling is currently the captain of a decommissioned WWII battleship, the USS Missouri.

Rosemary is Snake's on-call therapist. She's no longer with Jack and appears to be living with...

Roy Campbell. Snake's longtime CO and the man who hired him to assassinate Liquid.

Big Mama is the head of the Paradise Lost PMC operating out of Eastern Europe. She has intimate knowledge of Snake's past and the mysterious group known as the Patriots.

Drebin is what they call a "gun launderer". In a world where every person, item, and weapon is tagged with ID nanomachines, it takes someone like him to clean the weapon for free use, at a cost. He's Snake's contact for buying and selling weapons on the go, and there are so many. He has a naked monkey companion named Little Gray. Drinks lots of soda.

Johnny Sasaki AKA "Akiba" is one of the members of Rat Patrol Team 01. He's very clumsy and suffers from IBS. His military career has been all downhill since 10 years ago, in Alaska...

Ed is Rat Patrol's sniper and communications man.

Meryl Silverburgh is the leader of Rat Patrol, a UN sanctioned team in charge of investigating the PMCs. She's Snake's contact in the Middle East. She's very much in favor of the Sons of the Patriots system in use in the military. SOP has all of the soldiers and equipment information communicate with each other, allowing for a squad of soldiers to work as a single unit in an almost literal sense. Snake disagrees with her.

Jonathan is Rat Patrol's heavy. He's a big guy and doesn't like it when people stand behind him.

Sunny is Olga Gurlukovich's child, rescued by Raiden after the Big Shell incident. She lives her entire life on Philanthropy's jet, the Nomad, interacting with the world through her computer and the internet. She's a child prodigy, a genius level programmer at age 8. Likes to cook eggs, though she's not very good at it.

Old Snake is the main protagonist, hired by Campbell to assassinate his longtime foe, Liquid Ocelot. Snake's suffering from accelerated aging, and so he must complete his mission using a powered muscle suit. The suit, developed by Otacon, also uses Octocamo, a fabric that can mimic the colors of the surface it's touching, like an octopus or a chameleon. Snake has great determination to finish this mission, but he's more than certain that it will be his last.

Dr. Hal Emmerich AKA Otacon is Snake's best friend and primary contact. He even can assist Snake directly in the field via a remote control robot, the Metal Gear Mk2, a tiny version of the TX-55 with stealth camo and a stun whip. He takes the most responsibility for Sunny's well being, acting as a surrogate father on board the Nomad.

Raiden, once a man called Jack, he's been made over into a cyborg ninja. He is lightning: the rain transformed and he's made a promise to protect Snake.

Liquid Ocelot. Is he the man once known as Revolver Ocelot, or is he Liquid Snake? Is he one man masquerading as the other? What's known is that he controls the most powerful PMCs in the world and he's up to something. His assassination is Old Snake's primary goal.

Raging Raven is one of the all female unit of crazies in power armor known as the Beauty and the Beast Unit AKA SNAKEHOUND. Charged with the one goal of finding and killing Old Snake. Raven's armor allows her to fly and she uses a grenade launcher to devastate the landscape. She is always accompanied by flying drone robots.

Naomi Hunter, formerly FOXHOUND's biologist and expert on nanomachines, has been seen with Liquid Ocelot. Whether she is working for him willingly or against her will is not clear.

Vamp, seemingly immortal, is also with Liquid. Can this man be killed?

Laughing Octopus is another B&B. Her exosuit allows her to blend in perfectly with any environment and comes with four large tentacle arms. She's sadistic, and likes to play with her enemy, torturing them for her amusement.

Screaming Mantis is the B&B's psyop. She's a powerful telekinetic and can control both the living and the dead. There's also something familiar about her...

Crying Wolf is a B&B in armor that moves like a giant wolf. She's equipped with a railgun that she uses at very long range. There's no hiding from her.


Previous games:

Metal Gear -
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake -
Metal Gear Solid -
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty -
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater -

Next game:

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker -

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